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Bearing installation can lead to S F bearing deformation in the process of common problems

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Company News

Bearing installation can lead to S F bearing deformation in the process of common problems

 S F bearing installation, each engineer care about most is how to correct operation, if the improper operation may cause damage of SKF bearing. Such as under the condition of high speed running, and working temperature is higher, should pay special attention to the matching of the rotation ring is too loose, to prevent eccentric vibration, as well as the fixed ring with a gap, in order to prevent the ferrule deformation and vibration under load.
The rotating ring burning interference quantity within may also should be made smaller. As long as to ensure work temperature thermal expansion effect, and under the high speed centrifugal force effect, not cause peristalsis or sliding on the surface of the tight fit. Fixed ring according to the size of work load and SKF bearing size, choose the smallest clearance fit or interference fit, too loose or too tight is unfavorable to keeping the original precise shape.
Should not only precise calculation of the rotating ring with quantity, also to precise calculation fixed ring with right quantity.
Axis and roundness of holes and block shoulder perpendicularity to according to the corresponding precision of S F bearing requirements.
Keep frame assembly accuracy by dedicated assembly clamping fixture that can ensure the accuracy of the SK bearing assembly requirements.
Conditions of fixed circle take transgressions surplus to cooperate is suitable surface on both sides have the smaller roughness and high shape accuracy, cause otherwise in installation and disassembly more difficult, in addition, also need to consider the influence of the spindle thermal elongation.
Oscillating load and variable load on the cooperation with rotating load should be equal, too loose cooperation would result in a mating surface damage.
Relative to the loading direction of the ring and the shaft or hole, should choose transition fit or interference fit. Interference with SK bearing under the load size, the ring on the shaft or hole of the matching surface does not produce "creeping" phenomenon for the principle. In the load is very light, or ring I have rotation at low speed under heavy load, can choose transition fit, the bearing surface should have a higher hardness and low surface roughness.
For heavy load situation, usually should be lighter than the with the load and normal load situation is tight. Load the heavy, the interference should be.
Using the duplex angular contact ball bearings of the spindle in pairs, mostly load lighter, its interference quantity such as slants big, its internal significant amount of axial preload is slants big, causing adverse effects. Using double row short cylindrical roller bearing of the spindle and spindle taper roller bearing, its load is relatively large, so the fit interference is relatively larger.
Sometimes the direction of the load and the size can't exactly determine, for example in high-speed rotating machinery, in addition to the direction of fixed on the rotor weight load, and rotating load caused by uneven quality, if the load is much bigger than a fixed load rotation, the synthetic load is still rotating load; If rotating load than fixed load, the synthetic load for oscillating load. Regardless of rotating load or oscillating load, SKF bearings are changing the size and direction. In variable work condition, some ring by load when possible but rotating load, but the fixed load, and the oscillating load instead. This load is called variable load.

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